Frequently Asked Questions

New Shoppers

1. Why do I have to pay admission to enter a Computer Show ?
2. What is a Ct Computer Show ?
3. What types of warranties are available for products at The Show
4. What can I expect to find at the shows?
5. Will there be name brand (Compaq, Dell, Gateway) computer equipment at the show?
6. How is Ct Computer Shows different from the "Super liquidation" sales ?
7. Can I pay my admission with a check or credit card?
8. What is the admission cost?

While shopping at Ct Computer Shows

1. What if I cannot return to the show, or if the Exhibitor is not at the next show?
2. Do I have to pay another entrance fee to return a product to an Exhibitor?
3. What is the return policy for purchases made at the show?
4. What types of warranties are available for products I purchase at the show?

The Discount Coupon

1. How do I get the discount coupon?
2. What is the email list?
3. Why aren't there more dates on the schedule page?